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Wednesday Wisdom – Frogs

Some days it can all feel a bit too much,

Too many things to do and too little time;

The task is too big to keep calm and carry on,

Never mind that everything is seen to be ‘just fine’.


The meaning of ‘fine’ can be varied,

Whether it be good, thin, narrow or small;

On occasion it can even feel meaningless,

When we simply cannot cope with it all.


On those days I try to remember a few golden rules:

The hours will pass and the day will run;

There will be no way of stopping the train,

And only I can choose what will or will not get done.


When wisdom fails and the road feels long,

I am reminded of the value of frogs;

Not the croaking creatures in the garden,

But rather the principles set out in this blog:


For a visual version of the wise teachings of Bran Tracy click on:


Thank you Brian Tracy, for the value of your teachings and the wisdom you share with the world. 



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