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Elise – Your Personal Business Coach:

My work as a personal business coach flows from the unique combination of experience and skills gained as an Occupational Therapist engaged in exciting and pioneering work at the intersection of business, law and health.

Having enjoyed working in the hospital, corporate, NGO, entrepreneurial, professional training and specialist consulting domains over the past 30+ years I have benefited greatly in expanding my understanding, insight and knowledge of the varied requirements, demands, challenges and successes one is exposed to in business across the board.

Furthermore, it is through the extensive exposure to and analysis of the world of work as an Occupational Therapist focused on determining functional capability in the world of work, that I have gained an in-depth appreciation of the need for, development, and use of skills in different industries, business sectors, and jobs around the world.

The key ingredients to sustained success, irrespective of the skills required, is the recognition and appreciation of the integral and vital roles that personal energy and sense of purpose, aligned with one’s strengths and skills, play in achieving the experience of thriving in the workplace.

It is this very personal approach to coaching that differentiates the manner in which I work with clients, from those who work with more general coaching programs run over a period of weeks. My coaching style is not that of any program, it is specific to each individual and their business life, blended with the demands of their personal life.

Coaching clients include young graduates seeking input on how best to embark on their careers; professionals seeking mid-career changes; employed managers and leaders aspiring to improve their personal professional service offering in the workplace, and numerous entrepreneurs who are launching, building, growing and ensuring the long-term success of their businesses.

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How I work:

I consult locally from my rooms in Cape Town, as well as across the globe via Skype and Zoom. The first session with a client is usually one-and-a-half hours in duration, in order for me to gather important background information. Thereafter it is an hour per session. Although I mostly consult with individuals, one-on-one, I have a number of business partners who choose to work together in sessions.

I work at the pace and in the timeframes that suit each client. Some clients choose to have a session every two or three weeks; some once a month and others on a more ad-hoc basis. The frequency and timing of sessions varies according to the need(s) of each client.

Fees are payable in South African Rands; USD; The British Pound; and Euro, whichever currency in the most suitable.

A half hour complimentary introductory meeting online is made available to those who wish to ‘meet the coach’ before commencing a coaching relationship.

When I am not coaching I am engaged in expert opinion and witness work in disability and medico-legal matters, as well as post-graduate training in specialist areas. See for more information.

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