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Wednesday Wisdom – Embrace Life

There is much wrapped up in this photograph for me …

My husband and I were taking an early Sunday morning walk with our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, enjoying the fresh air and Autumn sunshine.  As we walked, I turned back towards him after wandering off with my usual photographic enthusiasm and captured this spontaneous moment. 

 A moment of pure joy,

Releasing a week of strife;

Celebrating being,

Simply embracing life.

How easily we succumb to the habit of being too busy; too hurried or too focused on ‘the next’ to experience the beauty of pausing and breathing in moments like this.  Yet these moments crowd around us almost daily, begging for us to look up and notice that in our haste, the very essence of life can so easily not only be missed, but lost completely.

 I love the story this picture tells.

 As a friend said when she saw it on my Facebook page: happy – healthy – blessed.


 And a heart filled with gratitude.


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