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Wednesday Wisdom – Bridging the Gap

Forget New Year’s Resolutions, which inevitably start off with a bang and end with a whimper, usually within a matter of weeks.

Rather focus on the small, consistent, and incremental changes required in order for you to bridge the gap between where you began 2020, and where you wish for it to end.

Bridges are built and crossed, one step at a time, with every small action moving one closer towards the envisioned end destination.

Ask yourself not what the end goal is, so much as, what the first step is in building the bridge to the future of your dreams. Then take that step. And keep going on to the next.

As long as the focus is on the most immediate step ahead, so the pathway lengthens and expands into becoming the ‘other side’ – and the ‘other side’ is soon  no longer merely a goal, but a reality.

In moments of overwhelm, come back to the step in front of you, remembering that small actions lead to big impact.



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