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Wednesday Wisdom – Life Learnings from The Click

I was introduced to a wonderful ‘working space’ this year when visiting Hanoi in Vietnam – The Click.  A venue situated in a quiet, leafy alley that describes itself as a place where wanderers, creatives and other lost souls get together to share in their industriousness. 

 Although one can order delicious cappuccinos and snacks to keep energy flowing, this is not a coffee shop buzzing with social banter.  It truly is a work space, filled with the aroma of inspiration and success. 

 And I loved it! 

There is somehow a greater sense of unity – not experienced in an office block – when working alongside others who gather from all corners of the world in order to carry out their respective professional tasks in a foreign land.  A sense of togetherness that is uplifting, energising and powerful.

Another benefit of frequent visits to The Click is the expansion of one’s world view through sharing knowledge, forming business relationships and growing friendships that have the promise of lasting a lifetime.  And on not so good days, when the life feels tougher than usual, the space offers the sense of community that provides necessary comfort. 

Perhaps the greatest, albeit somewhat subliminal message, one gains when immersed in the kind of environment that The Click provides is the sense that, in the end, we are all in this together.  It is up to each one of us to do our bit in making the world a better place.  It is our calling to do what we can, with the skills we have, wherever we find ourselves, at any given time.

This theme ties in with the progression of the world evolving into a much better place over recent times, which can be experienced via another kind of ‘click’ in taking the Gapminder 2018 Test on  The results are illuminating in a number of ways. 

 Have fun – and all the best for the last few working weeks of 2019.


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