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Wednesday Wisdom – The Truth about Teams

I am often fascinated by the question: ‘are you a team player’. It leaves me wondering what exactly a ‘team player’ is supposed to mean. 

It is true that we work and play sports in a team, but the term ‘team player’ seems to somewhat miss the point.

The value of teamwork lies in what each individual brings to the team, combined with how other members relate and respond to their contribution. 

Since one cannot be a ‘team player’ in isolation, it is rather a pointless question.

What should be asked instead is: ‘how do you view, build and experience relationships so that they resonate with the best in each involved.’

It is in the investment within relationships that the strength of the team lies far more than in one individual’s portfolio of skills. 

Knowledge and skill may equate to power, but sharing it is far more powerful.


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