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Wednesday Wisdom – The Importance of a Good Time

Recent clips I have heard on the radio and watched on social media have served as reminders about how important it is to live life to its fullest. 

As noted in one particular clip, the currency of life is hours and minutes.  It follows that the success of our lives lies in how we engage with this currency.

 Many spend way too much time worrying about how their achievements ‘look’ to the world and overly concern themselves about what others think.  Whilst there is a need to manage oneself in a manner that is acceptable within society, determining the measurement of our own personal success is not one of them.  This is an area of individual choice, definition and focus.

 At the end of it all, we want to look back on life and feel joy, reminiscing and reflecting on our experiences as having been mostly a good time.

The importance of this message – as illustrated in the attached photograph – certainly had me smiling while buzzing around the roads of Mombasa!


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