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Wednesday Wisdom – Solace

When times are tough and it is difficult to keep going, we must remember to seek solace in the little things. 

Those tiny daily actions that are so easily brushed off as ‘the ordinary’. 

A smile; a laugh; a snippet of time with those we love – are all examples of what we often take for granted in the busy-ness of our days.

Sometimes this shift in mindfulness is a simple step, whereas at other times it feels almost too much to ask; when the weight of life’s challenges becomes heavy, tedious and tiresome. 

My latest ‘go-to’ coping mechanism on difficult days is to trust in the routine of the sun. 

As the sun rises each day, so we can choose to fill our hearts with renewed hope. 

And as the sun sets each evening, so we can pause, exhale and choose to believe in a better tomorrow.

Solace can be found in the sureness of the sunrise. 


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