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Elise – Your Personal Business Coach


Elise’s work as a personal business coach flows from her unique professional experience as an Occupational Therapist working at the intersection of business, law and health.

Her extensive exposure to and analysis of the work environment across difference industry sectors over the past three decades has provided Elise with an in-depth understanding of skills and skills transferability alongside the recognition of how to leverage off individual strengths.  It is her ability to engage this combination of factors in the world of work that puts her into a coaching category of her own.

In Elise’s experience, it is through recognising and understanding one’s personal energy and sense of purpose first, before aligning these vital components with one’s strengths and skills, that individuals gain knowledge and insight into how best to apply themselves in the world of work. It is only with the conscious understanding of one’s individual uniqueness that the roadmap to thriving in the workplace can be identified; purposeful goals set and success attained.

Elise took a professional decision not to consult in the executive coaching  and corporate team space in preference to positioning herself as a personal business coach working with every client in the manner that is most suitable and appropriate for their specific needs.  In other words, every client benefits from an entirely personalised coaching program.

Her coaching clients include young graduates seeking input on how best to embark on their careers; professionals seeking mid-career change; employed managers and leaders aspiring to improve their personal professional service offering in the work place and entrepreneurs who are launching, building, growing and wish to ensure sustainable success in their businesses.

Elise consults locally in her offices in Cape Town, as well as in the offices of her clients as required.  She consults with national and global clients via the use of Skype.  Fees are currently payable in South African Rands; USD; the British Pound and Euro’s, whichever currency is most suitable.

Alongside her coaching work Elise is an incapacity expert specialised in court expert witness and contractual risk work and is a certified mediator.  Please see for more about your personal business coach.

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